The Architecture Foundation of Orange County (TAFOC) was founded in 1984. TAFOC’s first project established a student scholarship at Saddleback College in the memory of Murton Wilson, AIA. Other early projects included sponsorships of lectures by Ray Bradbury and Ricardo Liggoretto, a pre-opening, behind–the-scenes tour of Nike Town in Costa Mesa, near the exotic car rental company , and publication of An Insiders Guide to Orange County.

In 1990, the TAFOC Board changed its operation to become a “project-centered” organization, in which each Board member assumes personal responsibility for a sponsored program. This change has resulted in:

  • The innovative Exploring Orange County Architecture Coloring Book
  • Sponsorship of the nationally-known Built Environment Education Program (BEEP) to help school children explore environmental design
  • Art in Public Places Program
As a non-profit, tax exempt, public benefit corporation the foundation is able to supplement the work of the AIAOC chapter in many ways. Primarily it will facilitate the increased influence of the profession of Architecture through out-reach and the involvement of the general public.

Founding Members:

    Paul J. Ruffing, AIA
    Richard D Crowell
    Kathleen L. Davis, Hon. AIA
    Betsy Dougherty, FAIA
    Brian Dougherty, FAIA
    James R. Harris, AIA
    William C. McCulloch, FAIA
    John W. McMurray, AIA
    Leason F. Pomeroy, FAIA
    Murton H. Willson, AIA-E
Charter Members:
    Dougherty . Dougherty Architects
    Harris Architects
    Leason Pomeroy Associates
    McCulloch Architects
2005 TAFOC Sponsors:
    James Broeske, AIA
    Alliance for Quality Construction
    Arthur Danielian, FAIA
    Carl McLarand, AIA
    Dealey, Renton & Associates
    DeRevere & Associates
    Dougherty & Dougherty Architects
    Edward W. Morse, AIA
    Jack Anderson, AIA
    James W. Dockstader
    Meghiddo Architects
    Nester & Gaffrey Architecture
    Paul J. Ruffing, AIA
    Peyo & Associates, Inc.
    Robert J. Mueting, AIA
    Rolly Pulaski, AIA
    Ronald Everly, AIA
    Ronald J. Ritner, AIA
    Stan Braden, AIA
    Thomas Blurock Architects